JD Foundation Program | P.S. We Care

A program for those who have lost a loved one to suicide. We give prayer shawls, and resources. Know that you are not alone.

During our grief, we felt alone. Sometimes it would be difficult to be around people because we knew they did not understand how we felt.

I personally joined on line support groups for moms who had lost their children through death, but unless they had died by suicide, at that time, I knew they could not understand. If someone died by cancer, or died in a car accident, they could always say God wanted them. However, to lose a child by his/own hands just seemed so much worse. Of course, at that time, I was in so much pain, I did not realize that pain was pain and who was I to say that their pain was not as bad as mine was.

As the JD Foundation formed, I knew I wanted to do something for those left behind. So after a lot of talking to others, and a lot of thought, P.S. We Care was born.

P. S. We Care is the truth behind what we feel. We do care. We want to reach out and let you know (if you are a bereaved person who had someone die by suicide) that you are not alone. We share your grief and we are here for you.

We send a prayer shawl made by Beverly Varney of Bangor, along with a prayer of comfort, a personal letter from the founder of JDF as well as local resources for you.

To date we have sent over 70 prayer shawls to many woman who have lost a loved one to suicide not only in the state of Maine but as far as California. Some people say, “I wrap myself in the prayer shawl and think of my loved one”  “it brings comfort to me”.

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Help Us Continue What We Do

The JD Foundation
107 Main Road, Abbot, Maine 04406
207-876-2295 or 207-343-1732

Crisis Hotline Numbers
National: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
Maine:      1-888-568-1112

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