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 JD Foundation Program | Veteran Training /Support Program

Suicide awareness and prevention for veteran’s families and caregivers:

This program was designed for people who live with a veteran, who is a caregiver, or is in contact with veterans.


Many of the warning signs are alike as in our 90-minute workshops for adults. However, Veteran’s have more specific issues that many of us non-military people understand. For this reason, this program was developed with the help of a veteran suicide awareness and prevention specialist.

We have workshops that have helped others throughout the US understand warning signs and what to do if there person is showing signs of feeling suicidal.  This workshop had excellent ratings.



​This presentation will do the following:

Heighten awareness about suicide for veterans

Provide knowledge of warning signs, risk factors, and protective factors, and much more

Teach skills to know how to intervene with a suicidal person

Give resources specific to veterans



After the workshop you should be able to:

Define suicidal behaviors

Know the specific warning signs that a veteran might have

Understand Risk factors and warning signs

Demonstrate intervention strategies

Identify resources specific to veterans

Veterans Support Groups  This is a closed group. You must register

All at JDF Office at 1:00 pm

All support groups are at The JD Foundation office at 107 Main Rd Abbot, ME at 6:00 pm

Please register by calling Adrienne at 207-876-2295

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