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How to Help the JD Foundation

The JD Foundation serves as an educational tool to Maine in order to bring suicide prevention & bullying rates down through awareness and education. 

$50.00 pays for 1 workshop in the office ( this workshop will be named after your loved one)

In Memory of $50.00

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$60.00 pays for 1 hour of TIR session for someone who needs it (this hour can be dedicated to any organization or loved one)

In Memory of $60.00

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$250.00 pays for a month of travel to workshops, meetings, and helping others...

Month Sponsor $250.00

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2017 Ms Central Maine Chelsea Chapdelaine fills you in on an event in Abbot Maine, to benefit the JD foundation while at a photoshoot at Hudson University.

Donate Online via Paypal

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In Memory Of Henry Patten and Jeffrey D Miller


The Moon's Cache has created a limited number of these beautiful bracelets in honor of the these two wonderful people.


To purchase and support us click on the donate button below. We will contact you regarding delivery or pickup instructions.  

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From the Moon's Cache

This bracelet is intended to mirror the colors in the JD foundation logo painting. To me as a survivor it also shows by color the myriad of emotions experienced when a loved one is lost to suicide. The purple and teal beads are added to remember and honor our loved ones. I make these in the memory of my son Henry.  The stones included are all real natural gemstones. They are: peridot, citrine, calcite, moonstone,  apatite, amethyst,  black tourmaline, snowflake obsidian, lapis lazuli,  blue lace agate, labradorite, and moss agate.

Have a Yard Sale! and Make Us Your Charity of Choice!

Everyone at some point has to clean out their closets! let us know if you would like to donate your sale proceeds to The JD Foundation. 

WE Need Great Ideas for Fundraisers! If you are A great idea person please contact us! We need your help!

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