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 JD Foundation Program | Project Prevent

Project Prevent is a two-part program designed to teach middle and high school students suicide awareness, anti-bullying and kindness.

The founder of JD Foundation designed this program along with 6 high school students from Massabesic High School in Waterboro Maine as well as their Social worker who is an LCSW.

A Power Point is used for the facts about suicide and awareness of warning signs, video is used to show that education around suicide really does work and role-playing gives people the opportunity to play out real scenarios and to feel more comfortable should the occasion arise when they needed to use the steps to help someone through.  

Remember that peers often talk to peers and that is why it is very important for students to know what to look for, and how to help.

It is imperative for students to know that they can only try to help, but if the outcome is that a person takes their life, it is not their fault. Students are asked to never try to handle this situation on their own.


This presentation will do the following:

  1. Heighten awareness about suicide

  2. Provides knowledge around warning signs, , protective factors

  3. Teaches skills on how to talk with someone who might be suicidal

  4. Gives resources in the school and community

  5. Discussion on coping skills and what can help those in need of help through a difficult time.

  6. To “normalize” mental illness that it in fact is an illness and we can live a productive and happy life with treatment.


Following the workshops you should be able to:

  1. The student will recognize the importance of getting help for someone who may be struggling with suicidal ideation

  2. Recognize warning signs of suicidal behavior

  3. Know warning signs

  4. Know how to help someone who is suicidal

  5. Demonstrate intervention strategies

  6. Know who to go to in your school and community for help

  7. Have tools for coping in difficult situations and through difficult feelings.


Suicide is a problem……Education helps prevent



Before agreeing to teach students, the school must comply with the following:

1-Have staff trained in suicide awareness

2-Have a school protocol in place for when and if someone is suicidal

3-Letters must go out to parents so they know their child is participating in this class


To date the JD Foundation has taught over 1000 students this program with very positive feedback. We know education works when students as well as a vice principal lets us know that lives were saved because students knew the signs and where to seek help.

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