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What We Accomplished in 2017 And Our Future

Many people are asking us, "Exactly What Have you Done in 2017?" and we decided to write this blog to let everyone know what we have accomplished and what we hope to accomplish for 2018!


Visited a family in Corinth who had lost a 13-year old boy

Met with a family who struggles with a family members mental illness x2

Taught sophomores and junior students our Project Prevent

Met with Treasurer in Kenduskeag for Budget meeting

Had meeting with volunteers for walk committee

Did T.V. interview

Normal office duties/phone calls from those that need resources


Met with people in Southern Maine to talk about having another walk in the southern part of state

5-guys fundraiser

Met with mom who lost her son

Meeting with volunteers

Meetings with several businesses

Normal office duties/phone calls from people who need resources


Meeting with Volunteers

Chipolte fundraiser

Sponsor sheets to businesses

Met with new presenter and went over programs to teach

Workshop Dexter

Met with Bangor High Students

Budget meeting

Health Fair at Guilford High

Normal office duties/phone calls from those who need resources


Met with Greenville students

Met with business owners for sponsorship for walk

Met with 3 potential volunteers

Met with other facilitators for support groups

CIT training in Farmington/Speaker

Workshop D-F school

CIT training in Augusta/Speaker


Radio station in Bangor

Gatekeeper training in Waterville

Met with new web master

Lots of pick ups for auction

Walk to Wake the Silence!!

Meeting with business consultant

TV station in Bangor


Pine Tree Hospice workshop

Health Fair

Spoke at Thompsons Library in Dover

Met with business consultant

Met with Web master

Met with veteran/possible facilitator

Met with women who lost loves ones x 2

Worked on new office

Had 3 people including myself take facilitation program. (4 days)

Normal office duties/phone calls



Gave 6 hours of TIR sessions to young lady

Met with mom who lost son

Took facilitator training


Normal office duties/phone calls working on new office


Worked on new office

Set up Grand Opening

Gave 6 hours of TIR sessions with client

Met Bangor High Student

Met with Business consultant

Met with mom who lost child

Worked on lining up workshops

Normal phone calls and office duties


Met with women for possible facilitation for support groups

Set up workshops through MANP

Met with Mike Lange/Stu Hedstrom re: new office

Bar Harbor workshop

Met women who have lost children

Met with veteran/working here

Workshop Bangor

CIT training in Waterville/speaker

Normal calls and office duties


Meeting at Abbot town hall

Meeting with Brewer High

Open House for new Office

Workshop in Casco

New group for suicide survivors

New group for veterans x2

Workshop in Brewer

Gear up for auction


Meeting with new energy worker for retreats

Met with new volunteer Yayyy

Groups for Vets and suicide survivor

Auction on the 18th

Met with mom who lost son

Met with therapist and possible intern

Normal office duties/phone calls


Met with family who lost their son/brother

Met with business consultant

Groups for Veterans and Suicide Survivors

Set up meetings for January and February

Tends to be quiet through the holidays

Gave 4 hours of TIR sessions

This year, we hope to partner with more organizations who are passionate about suicide prevention and we are on our way!!

For our walk this year we already have 6 other organizations!!

We hope to build a better volunteer pool

We hope to have more suicide awareness workshops

We hope to teach at least 2 schools Project Prevent

Do a woman's retreat

Connect with more Veterans

So as you all can see we have been busy and only getting busier sadly as the epidemic of suicide is on the rise. Please support our work and our mission by volunteering or making a financial donation. Every little bit counts!


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