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Thoughts from a Mother

November 18th 2019 will mark 14 years since my son, Joe, decided to end his life. I look back and wonder how I have made it through because the pain of this loss is so excruciating, I don't understand how our body, mind and spirit can cope, but I have, and most of us do, thank God. This time of year is particularly difficult to get through for me as my body just knows the pain and talks to me, telling me it is time to let go of the front and be OK with crying, thinking, or getting help for the most difficult journey one could have.

Some of the things that helped me along the way are meditation, prayers from everyone who knows and loves me, and diving into education and trying to help those who may be feeling so desperate, or those who have lost a loved one.

I still have feelings of guilt at times, even though I know and teach that it isn't my fault, it was his decision. It is hard to remember that and wonder what I could have done different, especially when I can answer that question.

Going forward, I also know that I bury a lot of my grief in my body as I know suffer from stage 3 COPD. You see the lungs are where grief connects and causes sickness. So I am working, each day, on forgiving myself and working toward a healthier person. I hope you will too!!!!!!!

The JD Foundation focuses on education and raising awareness, but also has come to be a resource and help center for many throughout the state, whether that be to have someone to talk to, to help find a therapist, to come to Traumatic Incident Reduction Sessions, and more.

Know there is always someone out there that really does understand and helping others many times, helps those of us that have had such a great loss.

Please feel free to share your story with us by emailing me at

Blessings to all.....Cheryl

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