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People Who are Often Forgotten

Today I want to talk about someone who not only co-founded the JD Foundation, but who has worked tirelessly since 2007 to assure that suicide prevention was in his/our forefront.

Many times when a parent loses a child to suicide, the step-parent is often forgotten about.

My husband, Victor, took the first two or three years after Joe died by suicide, making sure I was ok, or at least alive.

After he realized I would survive, he dealt with his own grief having lost a step-son to suicide. What a difficult and daunting task to try to figure out how you feel when others are so focused on the biological parent (s).

Vic not only supported me every step of the way, but also dove in and helped to make The JD Foundation a reality. JD Foundation would Not exist without his hard work and dedication.

Today, and every day, I want to thank the love of my life, my husband, for his continuous hard work to ensure the JD Foundation survived. Noone understands the hours upon hours of hard work he has put in for the last 12 years.From hours of sorting yard sale items, traveling throughout the state to pick up said items, to make sure we could raise enough money to work with, to creating a program Connecting with Nature, obtaining his Guides License, and putting himself out there for anyone in need. Those who didn't think they could climb that mountain was led by example but also not frowned upon if that person could not make it. Vic has always made sure everyone was safe through all of his hundreds of events throughout the last 10 years.

My list of why this man needs to be honored goes on and on. Today and everyday I want you to know that although I have been in the focus for many years because I am the Mom, Vic has done more than all of us combined to make JD Foundation a wonderful small organization that helps those that need help in any way that we can. Thank You Vic,

I love you, Thank You, Cheryl

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