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Our New Office

You may have just seen that The JD Foundation just had the Open House for the completed Office... This wonderful old Carriage House was donated by the Pushor Family. The moving was donated by David Littlefield Trucking and R.A. Thomas Logging INC. And we have already had a Heating System donated as well as some other odds and ends donated by Carpentry & Woodworking by Paul Morin, Webber Ace Hardware, Dover True Value, after another 4 yrs, the Office is pretty much complete, but as always if you would like to help out, contact someone at The JD Foundation...

The top half of the roof is off, so it will clear the power lines during its move... — with R.A. Thomas Logging INC.

Victor, Steve, and John, contemplating their next move... — with R.A. Thomas Logging INC.

Arriving at its new home in Abbot... — with R.A. Thomas Logging INC.

Victor Morin has been down working on getting the building ready to move the past couple weeks... — with David Littlefield Trucking and Carpentry & Woodworking by Paul Morin.

Started to spin in the old garden plot, but after a tug from David Brackett, it's out on the tar...

The crew! Thanks to all!..

David Littlefield aka "Chick" once again graciously donated his services!.... — with David Littlefield Trucking, Donna Bullock Littlefield and Carpentry & Woodworking by Paul Morin.


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