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Definitely More Than an Internship

When I considered how I wished for my internship experience to be, a few thoughts came immediately to mind. I knew I wanted to work with a variety of clients in varying situations. I believe my background of serving 10 years in the Army as well as being in the rich learning environment of the clinical mental health counseling program, predisposed me to want more depth of variety in my internship experience.

Additionally, I wanted a site that offered a wide range of responsibilities and opportunities for growth not only in my field of study but personally as well. I am still not yet sure how I want to utilize my degree upon graduation, so the more exposure to all aspects of an internship site the better.

As of now, I am in my second and final semester of internship, and working as an intern at the JD Foundation has met and exceed my every wish. Not only have I been able to work with a number of different people of varying backgrounds, but I have approached and completed tasks that have left me with a breath of knowledge which only serves to fuel my desire to learn more.

In the 6 months of being an intern, I’ve had the opportunity to facilitate a Veterans support group, co-facilitate a Suicide survivor support group, co-present at workshops and other events, represent the Foundation at Awareness Walks/Races and events, be involved in many of the multi-dimensional details of fund raising, assist and serve on different committees, attend and complete the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) Gatekeeper training, and learn about numerous other aspects of suicide awareness and prevention.

Furthermore, to say that Cheryl and Victor are some of the finest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with and for is an understatement. When I get up every day and I think, I have the privilege and honor to go to my internship site, a place where everyone is welcomed and treated with care and consideration, I count myself extremely blessed.

Adrienne Clarke

Intern with the JD Foundation August 2018-Present

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