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5th annual Walk/Run to Wake the Silence

Our 5th annual Walk/Run to Wake the Silence was held virtually again this year. We had our regular JD Foundation Challenge for all schools, meaning that whoever had the most participants would win $500.00 for their school to be used for a program of their choice. This year the winners was Athens Community School. The JD Foundation is proud of the students that were willing to “Wake the Silence “.

We also had folks from Southern Maine , Lincoln, and all the way from Florida who participated this year! “Together we make a difference “

Photos of the winners of The JD Foundation Challenge to Walk/Run to Wake the Silence.

This is the day I presented them with a 500.00 check to use on a program of their choosing at the school which is Athens Community School in Athens Maine.

We are so proud of everyone for "Waking the Silence"

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