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This program was created to give people the opportunity to come together, form community bonds, move their bodies through exercise, and take advantage of the natural healing effect that nature has on our mind, body, and soul. Join us in kayaking, snowshoeing, hiking, walking and more.  Click here to visit Our Connecting With Nature Facebook Page. 

Bangor Daily News: Outing group’s excursions help many find peace in nature

Bangor Daily News: Aislinn Sarnacki joins Connecting with Nature for the Two falls in a day hike..

CWN/PunchbowlPond/Decker Falls
Bobby Todd and Ed Martin were not only very Close Friends of ours, but were also Valuable volunteers for the JD Foundation. They were both great lovers of the Outdoors, spending many days enjoying Time spent out in Nature. Bobby's Obituary read "In lieu of flowers or money, take a child outside with you. Create a lifelong love of the woods, and being out in nature; whether it is hunting, fishing, or just enjoying the surroundings. Bobby always believed that would make the world a better place."

With that said, The Connecting with Nature Program honored our Friends Memories by doing a Fall Hike to two of our Favorite locations. Punchbowl Pond and Decker Falls are two easy kid friendly Hikes that can be done by most anyone capable of a short hike on reasonably level terrain. Decker Falls is a walk of 200 yards and Punchbowl is a half mile plus walk with just a slight up hill grade. Like Bobby we at CWN believe in the Benefits of spending time in Nature and there's no better time to introduce a person to Nature then when they are young...

Moxie and Houston Brook Falls

Eagle Rock, Greenville

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