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 JD Foundation Program | Adult Suicide Awareness and Prevention Workshops

The JD Foundation is setting up fall and winter classes and support groups, see below. If you are interested in being a presenter for suicide awareness in your community or a co-facilitator for bereavement groups, please call me 207-876-2295. There is always room for more people who want to help!!!

Workshops for Suicide Awareness

These are all Suicide Awareness workshops that are 90-minutes in length.

Suicide Awareness and Prevention trainings for adults:

Learn warning signs,

risk factors, protective factors,  and much more.

Think of it as CPR. If you know the basics, you could save a life. LD609 compliant


Save a Life/Suicide Awareness Workshop with The JD Foundation


Learn warning signs and what to do if you or someone you know may be feeling suicidal. It’s up to all of us. Suicide knows no boundaries; it can happen in any family. Please take the time to help by gaining the knowledge we all need. Cheryl Morin is the founder and CEO of The JD Foundation based in Abbot, ME. After the loss of her youngest son who died by suicide, she knew she had to help others and now does that through education and awareness. She has been trained through Maine Suicide Prevention Program and continues her education with seminars and webinars.

Training at the Abbot Town Hall 

Her sincere approach and firsthand knowledge allows people to have a genuine dialog about a very difficult subject while learning tools to better see the warning signs. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for people ages 15-24 in the State of Maine. Cheryl welcomes you to spend 90-120 minutes to help be the change you want to see. This class is compliant with LD-609, An Act to Increase Suicide Awareness and Prevention in Maine Public Schools, and is required for all K-12 school personnel.

This 90-minute to 2 hour program tells warning signs, risk factors and also protective factors.

 We talk about the old myths of the way people use to think. An example would be that people use to think that if we talked about suicide it would cause it. NOT TRUE. We open our hearts to people who are contemplating suicide so they feel more comfortable about talking about how they are feeling. Without an open door policy, people who are feeling suicidal feel shameful and judged.

Here at the JD Foundation we do believe that mental illness should be treated the same as Heart Disease, Cancer, and many other things that can cause death.

We have taught over 65 workshops from Fort Kent Maine to Kittery Maine. We have taught in schools for all staff, in libraries for the public, and will be teaching on a monthly basis in our new office. We will go where needed. Our mission is to teach as many adults as possible.

These 90-minute workshops are LD609 compliant.

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