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Suicide gets whispered about more than it actually gets talked about. We think
that is why there are so many people still dying from suicide.

Being the third leading cause of death between the ages of 15-24, we, The JD
Foundation must address this epidemic out in the open,without shame. That is
why we are sharing our story. (We are doing it for you, Joe)

This non-profit, 501(c)3 will serve as an educational tool for the state of Maine
to teach anyone a 60-90 minute suicide awareness program. The program
offers knowledge on statistics, language information, what signs to look for in
someone who may be suicidal, both in the early and late stages, how to help
that person and where to find resources in the appropriate areas.

We are united with all other programs, particularly MYSPP (Maine Youth
Suicide Prevention Program) because we share the same underlying goal of
suicide prevention.

In addition to the work we are doing, we are directing our attention toward
eliminating causes that may lead to suicide (i.e. depression, mental illness).
This area is equally important if we are to make a difference. We are in the
process of developing programs centered on the interrelationship of the mind,
body, and soul (i.e. exercise, nutrition, and nature). Please look through this
web-site and see what we offer. Together we can make a difference.

Along with our caring ways, we bring personal experience to our Foundation
through the loss of our loved one who died by suicide. We are lucky to have
Barbara Manson LCSW who has more than 10 years experience working with
crisis. Barbara's expertise is in the crisis area and is a consultant for us. We
are equally lucky to have Lucien Manson M. Ed, who focuses on diet and
exercise as ways to bring balance and harmony to each of his clients. Lucien
has worked with people throughout the United States and Australia.

Thank you both so very much for being a part of our team.  

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"Together We Can Make a Difference"
About us
Cheryl and Victor Morin live in Abbot, Maine. Together we have 4 boys, now
men, and two wonderful grandchildren. We started working on suicide
prevention after the loss of our loved one,
William Jody Day, who passed
We have so many people to thank for all of their time, donations, and support
in helping this foundation get started. Because of all of you, we are able to get
out in the public to teach and speak about suicide prevention, making a
difference where it needs to be made. Thank you all. - Suicide is never the answer. It is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. - Painting done by Almira Parady from Rockwood, Maine.
Suicide is never the answer.
It is a permanent solution to
a temporary problem!
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